About Us

About Us

This site has been prepared for digital publishing services, which is one of the services of Saveas Yazılım.

Saveas Software is a technology company that has been providing intensive enterprise software development and digital transformation services since its establishment in 2010.

Hundreds of successful software projects have been carried out so far. These projects include ERP, CRM, B2B, B2C, C2C, e-commerce web sites and mobile applications, as well as websites with great content that serve hundreds of thousands of visitors every day.

Our WebOfis ERP project continues to serve from large companies to small businesses.

We continue our work with digital content transformations that number in the tens of thousands.

Our company has ISO 9001, 20000, 22301 and 27001 quality certificates and “Domestic Goods” certificates.

As the use of tablets and smartphones increases, the work that can be done from these devices also increases. Printed publications such as books, magazines and newspapers have already begun to take their place in this portable smart world.

As Saveas, we offer you versatile services in your digital transformation.

Saveas Yazılım